Instagram Marketing For Photographers And Visual Artists

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Instagram is currently one of the best free marketing tools for any photographer and visual artist. Get more out of this powerful social...

1. Your Username

Since the beginning for social networks (or of the internet if you'd like) that it became common for people to use their nicknames when they create a new account. While this can make you feel good on a personal level, in our opinion, it can damage a little your social presence as it may confuse your potential followers. If you add words like foto, photo, art or artist to your name (or surname), it will give people an idea of what type of posts should they expect to see from your account. E.g.: @johnprophoto, @jdoe_art

2. Your Profile Photo

In other words: your image. Profile pictures define your first impression to your potential followers. Forget those selfies getting drunk with your friends, we've all been there and that's not what we are here to see. You should consider using a more creative or professional photo of yourself. One of the fun facts about social networks is that people like to interact online with other people, and not with a company, agency or business (unless when they have to). You have this at your advantage, which you should definitely reap off.

3. Your Bio

It's important to add a short, but direct biography to your instagram account. This is where most people actually makes mistakes by adding quotes or a bunch of emojis. Look at this as your business card. Using your real name and adding short information to your bio will do wonders to that followers count. E.g.: Professional creator, photographer and spare-time genius.

4. The Basics Of Marketing

In a short definition, marketing is the act of promoting and or selling a product or service, including market research and publicity. Therefore, you should look at each one of your posts as a marketing opportunity. You don't see ads on TV just once, right? Then, don't think that only one post is going to do the trick for you. For that, you really need to keep them posts coming. E.g: make up between 4 to 5 posts per day, every day.

5. Know Your Target Audience

This includes age groups, gender, location or even tendencies. The best way to get to know your audience, without the use of 3rd party apps or services at least, is to keep in direct contact with your followers. E.g.: Visit their profiles to see what they are up to, reply to their comments and direct messages, always!

6. Make a Plan

We strongly support the idea that a photographer with a plan, is a photographer ready to succeed. Write down your strategy and define your objective. E.g.: If you want to reach 500 followers in a couple of weeks, you need to keep your posts relevant and recurring. Remember the basics of marketing?

7. Look for Unicorns, Literally

No! We don't mean to look for beautiful mystical creatures, but posting unique, vibrant, colorful and meaningful images and videos that will catch the attention of your audience. Avoid at all costs those famous memes as your posts if it has nothing to do with photography or arts. You should also consider avoiding personal posts, where you vent your life, to avoid annoying your followers. And for the description, why not ask your audience a question about your work rather than a cliche description? This is a great way to have people interact with your posts and most likely gain more followers

8. Follow For Follow

Most people want to gain a lot of followers but, then, they won't follow anyone back unless they know that user. But, the old follow for follow strategy is still the strongest one to help anyone gain more followers on instagram. But, wait! How does it really work? It isn't about follow as many as you want and wait for them to follow back. This way, Instagram is likely to confuse you for a Bot and could prevent your posts from reaching your audience. Set a strategy, e.g.: follow 50 users today and wait for a couple of days or up to a week for them to follow you back, before you unfollow those who did not and repeat the process. Whom to follow? That is very easy! E.g.: have a look at the users that liked one or more posts from a big influencer in your niche. Those should be your primary targets to set a follow for follow strategy. Why? Because, first, you know that those are active users and, second, those are users already interested in your niche.

9. Understanding Hashtags

To reach a target audience and gain quality followers, you should always use niche hashtags that better describe your posts. Instagram allows users to add up to 30 hashtags per post, and hashtags are the fastest way to reach your target audience. But, seriously, you don't need to add so many hashtags, as long as you keep it in your niche and vary with a couple of normal hashtags... 5 hashtags could have the same effect as 20 hashtags. E.g.: If you use the hashtag #business on your sunset photos, you are most likely to be ignored by those searching for that hashtag expecting to see posts about businesses. Okay, some may also like it but, this is the equivalent to spamming people and a quick way to confuse your audience and lose followers too.

10. Patience

It takes some time and whole lot of effort to gain a good amount of followers. Especially if you are growing your account organically as we are showing with this article. So, be patient and be consistent with the strategies that you set. Tip: Try to use all strategies at the same time for faster results,

Bonus: Top Hashtags For Photography and Arts

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