5 Ways To Boost Your Sales On Mega Image Bank

Published on Apr 27, 2019 233 Views 1 Shares
Reap up the benefits of selling your images and videos on our community and marketplace with these 5 key tips and tricks...

1. Keep it clean:

Avoid adding images with your watermark on it - except for artwork - as it may discourage potential buyers from buying your work. Mega Image Bank is totally safe to add your images without your watermark, as it adds 3 layers of security do avoid illegal downloads.

2. Keep it visible:

Try your best to avoid adding cropped or stretched images, as it usually pixalates the image reducing its quality and value. Always remember: the higher the resolution, the better! So try to avoid images lower than 1280x720 pixels.

3. Keep it natural:

We encourage all our members to express your creativity when editing your images and videos. But, try not to take this too far. Keep your images and videos as clean and natural as possible as our clients may have different ideas on how to use them.

4. Keep it trendy:

It's very important to know what's currently trending in your local or in the international markets. Usually, a nice walk around your city scouting billboards or reading a recent magazine checking out ads would help you better understand which type of images are currently trending.

5. Keep it seasonal:

I think that we can all agree that trends are almost always seasonal, so don't expect to sell Easter eggs on Christmas eve. Okay, maybe some would sell but, this should make you able to create highly-demanded seasonal images and videos for niche markets, totally boosting your chances of making sales.

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